Poetry - Fold

Akiyama Yō

Harn Poet-in-Residence, Debora Greger, reads "Fold Upon Fold". Part I: "Across the Country", enfolds thoughts on the death of her parents with Akiyama Yō's Pli Selon Pli. Part II: "At Length" wonders into a landscape from childhood.

"Skin of Clay", a poem reflecting on a ceramics demonstration by Akiyama Yo.

Akiyama Yō

Akiyama Yō (Japanese, 1953)

Pli Selon Pli. 2002

Stoneware with steel base

Loan from the collection of Carol and Jeffrey Horvitz


Photo: Randy Batista

Ceramics demonstration by Akiyama Yō at the UF School of Art + Art History, 2014. Photograph by Ray Carson.