SoundSpot - Verses of Sondering

Verses from the Scroll of Sondering, 2020

Jordan Alexander Key, 2019-2020 Composer-in-Residence

Performed by The Bold City Contemporary Ensemble

Inspired by Ishiyama Taihaku’s (1893 - 1961) hand scroll Landscape, 1926 on view in the exhibition Tempus Fugit:: 光陰矢の如し::Time Flies

The live performance of Verses from the Scroll of Sondering at the Harn Museum of Art has been postponed and well be rescheduled. Join the mailing list to receive notification of this and all Harn programs.

Below listen to the six Verses, as well as Jordan Alexander Key's commentary on his composition, Visit the composer's extended project site here.

木枯らし: The Sacrament of Kogarashi to the Birds Above a Sea of Gold

憧れ: Akogare in the Waves of Shadows and Light

森林浴: The Dance of Shinrinyoku and the Cuckoo Bird

物の哀れ: Mononoaware and the Avian Liturgy: “Tempus Fugit”

木漏れ日: The Dance of Komorebi and the Cauldron of Fire

幽玄” Yuugen’s Enunciationof the Infinities in the Chasm of Stars

Composer commentary

The Bold City Contemporary Ensemble gathered to record "Verses from the Scroll of Sondering"

Explore the scroll on view in the Harn exhibition Tempus Fugit :: 光陰矢の如し:: Time Flies.

Ishiyama Taihaku. Landscape. 1926

sumi ink with mica ornamentation on silk, handscroll.

Museum purchase, funds provided by the Robert H. and Kathleen M. Axline Acquisition Endowment