Divergent Convergence

K. Kerslake, "Star Spangled Man"

Divergent Convergence:

The Arts of Creativity, Discovery & Inquiry

March 31, 2019 – July 21, 2019

This exhibition, offered as part of the University of Florida’s campus-wide, year-long celebration of invention and creativity, investigates how various artists discover and question the past, reinterpret the present, and imagine the future. With works drawn from the Harn Museum’s permanent collection, the exhibition demonstrates the inventiveness of artists over the last century, encouraging discussions and investigations centered on multiple questions, such as: What are the roles of innovation and imagination in the visual arts? How do boundaries between the arts and other disciplines and how can those borders be broken down? Where are artists going next with their creative activities?


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Artist voices

Radcliffe Bailey on "Returnal"
Jeff Joyce on
Jeff Joyce on "Veil"
Kimiyo Mishima on "Box Orange"
Douglas Prince on "Projection Screen"
Celeste Roberge on Chairs.

Roberge shares a secret.

Art history is alive.

References for the curious viewer:

. . . and here's Kusama's Nets-Infinity (TWOS) from the Harn Museum's collection currently on view in the Contemporary Gallery


Radcliffe Bailey. Returnal. 2008

Museum Purchase, funds provided by the Ruth P. Phillips Art Acquisition Endowment, with additional funds provided by the Caroline Julier and James G. Richardson Acquisition Fund

Object number: 2012.44

Jeff Joyce. Veil. 1993

Museum purchase, gift of Dr. and Mrs. David A. Cofrin

Object number: 1997.7

Kenneth A. Kerslake. The Star Spangled Man. 1967

Gift of Kenneth A. Kerslake

Object number: PR-74-80

Kimiyo Mishima. Box Orange - 05T. 2005

Museum purchase, gift of the Jeffrey E. Horvitz Foundation in honor of Budd Harris Bishop

Object number: 2008.25.4

Douglas Prince. Projection Screen. 1983

Museum purchase, with funds provided by The Caroline Julier and James G. Richardson Acquisition Fund

Object number: 2015.20.1

Celeste Roberge. White Cherry Stack (for Hesse). 2007

Museum Purchase, funds provided by the Phil and Barbara Emmer Art Acquisition Endowment with additional funds provided by Phil and Barbara Emmer, Darin Cook. Partial gift of the artist.

Object number: 2008.48.3